Housing Authority Kicks Out Woman Listing Unit On Airbnb


A Colorado woman has been kicked out of her taxpayer-subsidized affordable housing after it was discovered she was renting her apartment on Airbnb for $135 a night.

Katherine Peach’s lease for her one-bedroom unit at Truscott was terminated and she moved out.

The Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority, which is the landlord at Truscott, learned she was violating the terms of her lease in February, according to a release on the housing authority site.

They discovered the infraction when three people came into the Truscott  office in February asking where Airbnb #72 was, according to a letter to  Peach from property manager Janine Guerrero.

Tt is against APCHA’s rules to rent out any unit in its inventory, since occupants must live and work in Pitkin County for nine months of the year.

“To us, this is a really major thing,” said Cindy Christensen, deputy director of APCHA, told the Denver Post.